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Prison & Jail Ministry
Prison Ministry at BCCX
8 WeeklyServices 
Monday Night - 5:30 CT - Unit 28 - Women
Thursday Morning - 7:15 CT - Morning Prayer - Site 2 Chapel
Thursday Morning - Site 1 & 2 - Visitation to Lock Down Units
Friday Night - 5:00 CT - Annex, Site 2 Chapel, and Spanish Study
Satruday Afternoon - 4:00 CT-Unit 21D Service & Visitation to Lock Down Units
Satruday Night - 6:00 CT - Unit 25B Site 1

By Tedd Hubble
Prison fellowship and worship services are a very important part in the lives of many prisoners.  Some, like myself, have not seen or heard directly from a wife or children in many years.  Therefore, regular fellowship with volunteer prison ministery becomes our family away from our family, The Seventh-day Adventist Worship Service at the Pikeville Prison is often called a "Family Circle."

The Seventh-day Adventist is the oldest continuous worship service to be held at the Pikeville Prison.  It was the first Christian worship sevice to be provided for inmates when the prison was opened in 1980.  Aubrey and Pauline Reiber were the first volunteers to serve both the main prison and the annex.  Aubrey was granted weekly access to the "lockdown" units, visiting with them without a prison guard escort.  He was also the oldest active person to ever serve here at the Pikeville Prison, serving until his death at the age of 92.

Louis and June Zumstine were quick to step up to the plate and fill the postion when needed. When they first took the S.D.A. weekly worship service over, the average weekly attendance was five to seven inmates.  They brought in a variety of speakers and a variety of programs so that now the weekly attendance is twenty or more.  We have seen as many as forty prisoners present at the weekly worship service. ​

I do not call myself a Seventh-day Adventist, for I am a Christian first.  My church membership is in a Baptist Chruch, but, I often refer to myself as a Sabbath Day Baptist.  I have been active in the S.D.A. Worship Service at the Pikeville prison as an inmate for nearly eighteen years.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every person who has been a part of the prison minstry here at Pikveille. If  you have had any part, or are a member of a church that supports a prison ministry, "Thank You!"

With respect and love in the name of Jesus Christ,
Tedd Hubble - Inmate

​Update: Tedd Hubble is now out of BCCX and has been active in helping others in the Crossville TN area.

Mike and Diana Halverson has taken over the leadership role with Jane and Pastor Corbin Pitman.  There is a good team helping out from the surrounding churches. Our team consist of Ogden Rd Church, Brayton Church, Pikeville Church, and Spring City Church. Every Friday Night  there are two services for the men and every Monday Night there is a service for the women's unit. Mike & Diana Halverson and Pastor Corbin and Jane Pitmans are now Chaplains at BCCX.  God has opened the doors for Mike Halverson to be able to do devotions on Thursdays and go into the lockdown units to visit with some of the men that are not allowed out for a service. Pastor Corbin Pitman and his wife minister to the ladies in the womens unit on Mondays and Thursdays. Diana Halverson has been able to help the Head Chaplain with the database as well as minister to the men and women in BCCX.  God is opening the doors at the prison. Please pray for this ministry!